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Real estate is a rather large field with many different facets. At Twin Cities Homes Realty we have developed exciting pathways to help our clients in their journey. With every person’s situation being so individual and unique it was our desire to develop specific partnerships to be able to come alongside of our circle of clients to help each one as much as possible in their specific situation. We are not a discount brokerage where we do things just the cheap and easy way, we are also not a franchise with large teams where the individual client becomes a number and can feel very lost in the shuffle. We are a boutique brokerage and we pride ourselves in caring for our clients and treating each person with respect and honor. Our goal is for each of our clients to be so happy with the service they receive that they can’t help but tell their friends about us! We are not just working with people, we are trying to build a community. 

Take a look below and see if there is something we can help you with. If you need real estate help but don’t see a solution for your specific situation, please feel comfortable to contact us so we and talk about it and figure it out together!  You can always schedule an appointment with us here at our online calendar

Please don’t hesitate and get in touch, we love to hear from you 😀

Property Search

We are offering a complimentary property search. Sign up for an account to start searching for a house in the Twin City area, then save the ones you like or book a showing right from there. Also sign up for our free monthly market update.

Home Valuation

We are happy to come out to your property for an individualized evaluation, just book an appointment for a complimentary equity analysis. Alternatively you can get general idea, just click anywhere here in the box.


We are a full service real estate company and as such we can list your house and get it ready for sale. Together with you we will craft your strategic seller action plan, specifically tailored to you and your situation.

Buyer Assistance

We are right by your side to guide you through your journey to become a homeowner, no matter if for the first time 5th time. Our offer to you is a free buyer consultation where we craft your individual and strategic buyer action plan.

Pre - Sale Renovation

We are happy to be able to offer pre sale renovations, small projects or full remodel through our partner company. Best of all, you don't pay out of pocket! Get your updates done so you get the most money for your house, pay at closing.

Right To Purchase

Even if you are not quite ready to buy, through our partner company you can now pick the right house for you. They buy it for you, you rent it from them until you want to buy it from the company. If you change your mind, just walk away!

Downpayment Money

You have the right credit score, a decent paying job and you would love to buy a house. The only thing that's missing is the downpayment. No, you don't need 20% down, but you do need 3% . There are many programs that can help with downpayment & closing cost money!

Property Management

We are offering property management for Single Family units. Maintenance, tenant screening and more at competitive prices.

Phone Support

If you have any questions and would like to know more about what we do and how we can best help you accomplish your real estate goal, give us a call. We are always available to our clients and during business hours for customers. Call or text us at (612) 345 - 9070.

Complimentary Consultation

Before you ever list your house or actually buy a home, you need to gather information, ask questions, figure out finances and more. We are happy to help with that. No obligation, no strings, just some info for you 🙂

Notary Public

We are now also offering public notary services like:
* Affidavits
* Power of Attorney
*Government Forms
* and much more

Book an Appointment

If you have any questions and would like to know more about what we do and how we can best help you accomplish your real estate goal, schedule some time to talk by clicking anywhere here in the box. We love to talk to you and are looking forward to hearing from you 😀

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