“Safer Real Estate” Adopted Immediately!

To Our Community,

Family is the strongest source of comfort during times of uncertainty. So as you focus on the well-being of yours, I want you to know how seriously I take the trust you have in my services.The health and safety of my clients and customers has always been a priority. I am now taking additional steps to help keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible.

I know that some of you still want to sell and/or buy a house and take advantage of the amazing low interest rate, which at the time of this writing is 3.2% for 30 year fixed! Some of you may need to buy/sell due to job relocation or other pressing events.

I am committed to keeping my services available to you and your family for as long as conditions allow.

To help you continue as much as possible with your plans, I have developed a safe concept for my clients to be able to still buy and sell their properties during these trying times with minimal contact to outside sources!

We now have all the technology available that is needed to conduct our meetings online, live and with screen share, go over all contracts live together online and sign everything needed online. You only need to have an internet connection and laptop or tablet or even just a phone. You don’t have to get into physical contact with anyone until closing. At which time we can minimize contact to the bare minimum of one or two people.

We can do most everything virtually and there is very little reason for you to connect with people in person if you choose that this would be the safest option for you and your family.

What We Can Offer Our Home Sellers Now:

· Online consultation

· Online Home Evaluation

· Digital CMA with online walk through

· Going over contracts & offers live online

· Digital Signatures

· Providing gloves for buyers who come to your house

· Providing shoe covers for buyers who come to your house

· Online consultation with Title company (Prosperity First Title)

· Plus the usual great guidance we always offer – dedicated property website, 8 week property marketing plan, etc.

What We Can Offer Our Home Buyers Now:

· Online consultation

· Online consultation with lender (Bay Equity)

· Online consultation with Title Company (Prosperity First)

· Going over contracts & offers live online

· Digital listings send to you

· Providing gloves

· Providing shoe covers

· Digital inspection with home inspector

· Plus the usual great guidance we always offer – personalized buyer strategy, step – by – step guidance, etc

You will be able to attend the home inspection via online meeting, so you can talk to the inspector and myself while showing you what may need attention if anything at all.

Meetings with lender and title company can be done virtually as well. As noted above I have talked to BayEquity (lender) and Prosperity First Title and they are happy to do all the work with you either online or over the phone. You have the right to choose any lender and any Title company you like and do NOT have to go with either of the two mentioned. I will be happy to connect with the lender and Title company of your choice and see if they are willing and capable of offering virtual service.

We have set up and launched our technology and are ready to help you continue with your life and plans as safely as we can make it. You can do most of the selling and buying process online which keeps you and your family as safe as possible.

I would love to talk to you some more about the details of how this all works! Please feel comfortable to call, text or email me! I am always happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. To make it even easier, you can schedule time for a phone call on my online calendar by clicking here:


I am proud to serve your community. Thank you for being part of the Twin Cities Homes family – and allowing us to be part of yours.


Much love,

Michaela =)


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