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If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, chances are that you’re excited about the possibility of moving and starting a new chapter of your life. Simply deciding to sell your home isn’t enough though. The process of putting your home on the market can be overwhelming and time-consuming, so before you try to sell your property, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Being honest with yourself and with the people around you will help you have a more positive selling experience when you’re ready to move. 

Questions to Ask When Selling a House

  1. Why are you moving?

Be honest with yourself. Why do you want to move? Are the neighbors terrible? Do you not like the kitchen? Are there major plumbing issues? What is it about your home that makes you feel like selling it? Your answer might be simple. After all, maybe your family is growing and you need more space. It is possible though, that your answer is more complex. Maybe you’ve been having problems with your Home Owner’s Association or you simply don’t like the area.

  1. Are there any serious problems with the house?

Potential buyers will have the house inspected before they purchase your home. What will the inspector find? Are there any serious problems with the home? If there are, realize that you need to disclose this to potential buyers. Major problems will also impact the price of your house. If your home has a lot of issues, consider fixing them before you put your home on the market in order to get the best possible price.

  1. What are other houses in the neighborhood selling for?

Are other homes in your area selling well? If they are selling, how much are they going for? If your neighbors’ houses are selling for well above the market average, chances are that you’ll be able to sell your home at a similar price. If the market in your area is poor, though, you may want to wait awhile to put your house up for sale so that you can get a better price.

  1. Should you use a real estate agent?

Before you start advertising that your home is for sale, consider whether or not you want to use a real estate agent. Some families choose to do their own marketing, promoting, and selling, but others like that a real estate agent will help drive buyers to your home. If you don’t have a background in real estate or home buying, an agent could be a valuable asset. Not only will she help you promote your house, but she’ll also help you make minor adjustments to your home that could help it sell faster, as well as writing up the contracts, addenda, inspection reports and more, which are legally binding documents.

  1. What should potential buyers know about?

Finally, ask yourself what potential buyers need to know before they buy your home. If there is anything that you would want to know before you purchased a home, make sure you give your buyers the same consideration. For example, if your neighborhood has problems with noise or vandalism, make sure that you disclose this to your buyers. Never try to hide serious problems in order to make a sale. Instead, be up front and forthcoming about anything you feel is cause for concern.

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