Pre Sale Renovation

Outdated properties spend more days on market and fetch lower sales prices. Today’s buyers prefer move-in ready properties.

This is why making renovations is important as you prepare your home to sell. If you don’t have money for repairs, I have a solution.

Twin Cities Homes Realty has a program called Curbio which allows sellers to borrow money to make renovations or repairs.

You will have no hidden fees, no interest charges or markups. You pay back at closing once your house has sold. This program is only available to sellers who work with Twin Cities Homes Realty agents like me.

How Pre Sale Renovation Can Help you

No payment until settlement

Buyer focused renovations

Convenient, turnkey process

Maximize List Price and Proceeds

Sell your home faster



Hassle Free Process


Curated materials

Fast, virtual estimates

Dedicated Project Manager

It takes generally 4-8 weeks



Examples of work done

What one of of the homeowners we worked with had to say about working with Curbio!

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Curbio is a national home improvement company that partners with REALTORS® and their clients to get homes ready for market, with deferred payment on every project (zero interest or fees).

As the licensed general contractor on every project, we use modern technology to complete home improvement projects of all sizes. We’ve streamlined the home improvement experience to help you get to closing quickly with peace of mind.

The Curbio web app provides REALTORS® and homeowners full visibility into their projects, including schedules, visual updates, and real-time communication – all from the comfort of any location on any device.


FAQ: How does Curbio work?

We partner with REALTORS® to get every home repaired, updated, and ready for market. From minor repairs to major remodels, we specialize in smart improvements that increase home value and reduce days on the market, and we defer all payment until closing.


FAQ: How can I get started with Curbio?

The process will always begin with the REALTOR®. To get started, talk to your REALTOR® and he or she will go to or the Curbio app. This will be where they request a same-day, free no-obligation estimate from our Home Improvement team to share with you, the client.


FAQ: Where does Curbio operate?

Curbio is currently servicing 26+ major metropolitan areas across the country and expanding every month. Curious if we cover your listing locations? Check out our zip code map on the Curbio app! Yes, we are servicing the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.


FAQ: What types of projects does Curbio take on?

Curbio works on any type or size of project, with no project minimum or maximum. We have completed over 1,000 projects ranging from under $1,000 to over $800,000. Every listing is unique, and we are happy to take on anything from simple repairs to whole home makeovers. We can help with any type of project needed to get a home ready for market, including exterior work, bathrooms, kitchens, painting, flooring, water or mold remediation, landscaping, roofs, or inspection report repairs – just to name a few! 


FAQ: Does someone come out to view the property?

Our home improvement team can provide you with a general estimate virtually just by asking a few questions about the property! Most of the process remains virtual to get you a faster turnaround. In the event that we need a more precise capture of the property, or it is going to be a larger project, we can schedule a technician to visit the home and capture a 3D Matterport (free of charge).


FAQ: How does deferred payment work?

For home sellers with enough equity to cover the project cost, we defer 100% of the project cost until closing, with no fees, interest, credit checks or other restrictions. We complete the project and get paid either when the home is sold or one year after the project is started. Home sellers need enough equity to cover the full project cost using 80% of the expected ARV list price.


FAQ: What happens if the home doesn’t sell?

Every home will eventually sell, and on average, Curbio homes sell 50% quicker than the national average. In the unlikely event that the home stays listed and unsold for more than a year from our project start, the homeowners can either pay Curbio for the amount due or pay a monthly admin fee to extend the payment deadline.


FAQ: How do you select and vet our contractors?

Curbio only works with licensed and insured contractors and tradespeople. Our Project Managers are full-time, W2 employees and our contractors and tradespeople are heavily vetted and trained by Curbio for professionalism and quality.


FAQ: How is Curbio different than a concierge service?

Curbio is a licensed national home improvement company for REALTORS®, with deferred payment and a unique technology platform that streamlines the home improvement experience. Most brokerage concierge programs simply pay contractor invoices and wait until closing to get reimbursed. With a concierge service, the REALTOR® and homeowner are often still stuck finding contractors, selecting materials, and overseeing the work. Most importantly, regardless of who does the work, it’s still done the same old-fashioned way, with lack of visibility, confusing schedule changes, endless project delays, and a lot of work for the REALTOR®.

Curbio uses modern technology to reinvent the actual home improvement process to meet the needs of busy real estate agents that need to get their listings market-ready, with a high degree of transparency and zero hassles.


FAQ: What materials does Curbio use?

Curbio has an expert team of design professionals that continually curate the ideal catalog of the most popular and current home improvement materials. The catalog is diverse in terms of quality levels, styles, colors, and regional variations, yet shares the same characteristics of quality, relevance, and availability throughout.

Our materials are selected based on current trends, with a focus on broad appeal for home buyers. We use above builder-grade as our entry quality with an option for luxury grade materials when appropriate.

Our curated catalog and Curbio app make it easy for REALTORS® and homeowners to quickly select materials from the comfort of their own home, knowing that the materials will increase the value of the home and be available without delay.


FAQ: Are there any price limits to use Curbio?

Curbio has no project minimums or maximums.


FAQ: Is Curbio more expensive than an average contractor?

No. Our pricing is very competitive with what a licensed and insured contractor or home improvement company would charge in each market. Moreover, since we use technology to price our projects, our pricing is consistent across projects, without the wild fluctuations and inconsistencies typical in the home improvement industry.


FAQ: How does Curbio make money?

Curbio makes money the same way as other contractors – profit from our home improvement jobs. As a tech-driven home improvement company and the largest national home improvement company for REALTORS®, we benefit from project efficiency and cost-saving from scale. We use these benefits to keep prices competitive while earning enough profit to ensure Curbio will be here for the long haul! Our partnership with REALTORS® and brokerages also reduces our advertising costs, allowing us to use those savings to offer great perks such as pay-at-closing and price match guarantee!


FAQ: How does Curbio ensure payment?

Curbio does take more risk than the average contractor by waiting until the home sells to get paid. In our experience, REALTORS® generally bring us good clients with good intentions. In fact, our bad debt from completed projects is at or below the average for typical contractors. In the event one of our customers does not pay us as agreed, we use normal business practices to try and collect amounts due to us. Our customer agreement does specify that our customer will permit their REALTOR® to keep us informed as to the progress of the home transaction and any pending closings.


FAQ: Does Curbio use a deed of trust?

No. While we did ask for a deed of trust at one point in the past, it is no longer required or included in any contract.


FAQ: Does Curbio require a price reduction?

No, similar to deeds of trust, we did at one point in our past require a listing price reduction schedule. We no longer have any requirements related to listing prices and the REALTORS® are free to set listing prices with their clients as normal.


FAQ: How is the as-is value and list price determined?

Curbio is a home improvement company, not a brokerage. In keeping with standard industry practice, The REALTOR® advises their client on the potential selling price of the home and any impact home improvement might have on that price.


FAQ: Can Curbio tell me which home improvements will increase listing price or generate the most profit?

Curbio does not provide an opinion on the listing price of any home, or the increased value home improvement might have on any specific project. However, having completed over 1,000 home improvement projects for home sellers, we can share very valuable data on prior projects, including information about which projects generate the best returns and the average profit and home price increases based on the real estate agent’s estimate of the home value prior to project work.


FAQ: What do Home Improvement Consultants (HIC) do?

Home Improvement Consultants (HIC) is a real estate agent’s first point of contact when working with Curbio. Our HICs work with REALTORS® and their clients to provide project estimates and help determine the scope of work for each project if requested. The HIC team is made up primarily of former real estate agents that know what needs to be done to get a home ready for market and how important it is for home improvement to be hassle-free, fast, and reliable!


FAQ: What do the Project Managers do?

What don’t they do! Our Project Managers are all full-time employees that you will come to regard as your go-to partners on all your home improvement projects. Our Project Managers have an average of 12-15 years of experience directly managing residential home remodeling projects.

They have all worked on small repair projects, large luxury home improvement projects, and everything in-between. Most importantly, our Project Managers are hired for their ability to do much more than managing projects – they are hired to ensure you get to closing with the speed, transparency, and reliability you need to make your listings a success and your reputation golden.

After the contract is signed, the project is assigned to your Project Manager. The PM will be available for an initial call the very next day to review the project scope, schedule, and other expectations, with the REALTOR®, homeowner, or both. The Project Manager will be the only point of contact needed and will take care of every detail of the project from ordering materials, lining up subcontractors, getting permits, and ensuring that the project is completed on time and on quality with complete transparency and no hassles or surprises.


FAQ: How do you ensure your subcontractors are paid (to avoid liens)?

All Curbio subcontractors sign an agreement to work for Curbio as the project general contractor, giving up their right to file any liens on the property. In the event there is a dispute over payment, our subcontractors are legally required to address those disputes directly with Curbio. On a practical note, subcontractors are critical to our success and are treated in many ways as our customers. Curbio is one of the fastest subcontractor payers in the country, paying subs on average in 7 business days, with an option for same-day payment when their work for us is completed.


FAQ: Do you have any references you can share?

Yes. We provide many case studies and testimonials online on our website and social media. We have worked with over 1,000 REALTORS® from almost every major brokerage. A Home Improvement Consultant can put you in touch with specific references for you.



Free Info Sheet!

Click here to get your free information on how this program can help you get top dollar for the sale of your house!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your real estate goals with us, just fill out the form and we will be in touch with you ASAP!

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