My “Thanks” To You!

We just celebrated Thanksgiving and the year is coming to an end. It was an awesome year! There were many challenges and so much that I learned. I had the great pleasure to work with some truly wonderful people this year and was able to come alongside and help to make their lives a little more beautiful. I know firsthand what a difference a Home makes versus just a place to stay… Without a home it’s hard to have to feel rooted somewhere, to be part of a community where you can be there for others and others smile when they see you and say hello. In our evermore digitized world we also seek more human interaction, a friendly smile and a quick chat at the local store. Little things like that to remind us that we are not alone… all that and so much more goes into a ‘home’….. My job is to help you find that home that’s right for you and your family, but it’s not just how I pay my bills, it’s also a service from the heart that I truly enjoy! So I don’t mind working 70 plus hours a week, the large majority is not even seen by my clients. It is my goal to make it look as though it is very easy, because it is hard to find that right home and comes with uncertainties, so I like to do my part and take as much as I can and do it for my clients so they have their back a little more free (free-er is not a word, is it?) So when it seems that it was all easy peasy, I did my job well and I enjoy that a lot, though it’s not always possible, sometime it gets a bit bumpy but I am right by my clients side through all of the bumps to the end.

Because I really want to start the new year with thankfulness and I wanted to show that in a tangible way. I have decided that for a time, I will pay $400 for former or new clients, and really this is money that is coming out of my pocket – but I want to something that may be a little helpful and a “Thank you” to the great people I could work with this year. It is totally okay to pass this on to someone you know who might be looking to buy or sell in 2018! I am looking forward to a great new year and meeting and helping a lot of new, awesome clients!

Take a look below and scroll through it, I truly hope you or someone you know will find value in it.

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